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Budget Monthly Maintenance Program (BMM)

This program provides a flat monthly billing charge for all service and maintenance. Tri-Lift will perform an application survey to determine an estimated monthly cost to service customers equipment properly. This fee is estimated based on industry standards and customers environment and usage. Every quarter we will communicate to the customer the cost for the actual service performed. Compared to the Monthly budget payment. Any overage or underage differences are adjusted quarterly and either billed to customer or credit applied to customers account for future services needed. Term of the agreement is for a minimum of a year. Monthly payment maybe adjusted during the term with both parties’ consent. Does not calculate in the major repairs if needed.

Allows customer to budget monthly maintenance costs.

Total Maintenance & Repair Program (TM&R)

This program can include all repairs needed (parts & Labor) on existing fleet over a 1-to-3-year period based on age, hours, application, or condition. If program is used on a new unit, the program can be run from 1 year to 6 years customers choice. Customer will be billed monthly over the term decided. Customer has options to tailor program on what type of services they would like to include or exclude from the program.

This program is the best way to budget cost over the life of the unit.

Additional Services 

  • Emission testing done at customer facility with reporting on results
  • Battery & Charger maintenance and watering.
  • Battery evaluation and usage reporting
  • Driver Safety operating training
  • Complete Truck safety audit
  • Tire replacement can be performed on site, at customer’s location
  • Fleet Management Reporting on fleet utilization, cost per unit and repairs completed.  All can be obtained in the cloud for immediate results.
  • Dock & door maintenance programs

Let us create a service plan that works for you! Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or click here to request a custom program.